Augmenting the urban landscape

Tuku Toi captures and shares the exchange between nature and human interpretation. Each pattern represented reflects the movements, geometries and rhythms that surround our daily lives. The wind, water and our varied flora are just a few of the environmental indicators that have inspired and informed our artwork through time, and help us to rationalise and maintain an inextricable connection to the world around us.

Whether in whakairo (carvings), tukutuku (lattice panels), rāranga (weaving) or kōwhaiwhai (painted rafters), each design augments the forms it embellishes and is a vital piece in the construction and representation of people, events and learnings. 

Tuku Toi features varied approaches to a series of designs in a deliberate move to embellish the urban landscape and remind us all of the power of nature and the beauty of form and colour. These tuku are gentle and yet energetic; unique and yet familiar.